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Greetings Brethren, 

                Let me first start by giving honor and glory to my lord and savior Jesus Christ, who is the head of life. I am Antuam Johnson, the newly elected Worshipful Master of Eastern Star Lodge #13 F&AM. I would like to thank the craft for having the confidence in me to elect me as Worshipful Master of the lodge. With the Lord’s help and guidance, I intend to use every hour of my twenty-four-inch gauge to help, aid and assist the brothers and continue to uphold the high standards that make Eastern Star Lodge # 13 successful. I am writing this letter to address certain items of concern.  


  • Eastern Star Lodge #13 needs the support from all the brothers in order to continue to carry on the level of excellence that we are known for throughout the history of our lodge. Brethren, if health and business permit, please support your lodge when called upon. As per our by-laws we have one meeting a month, which is on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. I ask that you please attend the lodge meetings and other masonic events as they arise, or whenever possible. 


  • Brethren in order to for our lodge to remain a successful organization, funds are needed. I ask that you please keep up with paying your dues. Dues allows not only ESL #13, but the MWPHGLVA to function. Each quarter the lodge has to pay an assessment for every brother that we have on our roll. If the brethren of the craft do not pay their assessment when the lodge is assessed, it is on the lodge to pay those funds and that may require us to pull funding from other areas of the lodge’s budget to pay it.  


  • Please support the MWPHGLVA and ESL #13 in all of our charity endeavors. Giving back to the community is the cornerstone of free masonry. The district has embarked on many charitable endeavors since the beginning of the year.  Every third Wednesday we volunteer at the Peninsula Union Rescue Mission, and we also have been supporting the Peninsula Food Bank as well as various schools within the surrounding area. 


  • My vision for the upcoming 2023-2024 masonic year is to increase attendance and continue to build upon the excellence already established by our lodge. I would like to improve the fellowship amongst the brothers by doing more outings/gatherings outside of the lodge to help bring us closer together. I would also like to do more in the community because the community is where we do our best. The SW, brother Broadhead will continue coordinate more community involvement activities as opportunities arise. I would also like to improve the level of knowledge of all the brothers in the lodge, by bringing back the study sessions and conducting lectures during the meetings. 

In conclusion brethren, I would like to thank you all for your past support and guidance. I ask for your continued support and guidance through my administration. Always remember to let the world see how masons love one another. I look forward to working with all my brothers and making this year a successful one.


                                                                                                     WM Antuam F. Johnson

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